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Full Mouth Reconstruction

The Specifics Of Reconstructive Dentistry

Your teeth are inherently very strong, but they weaken with age. Many different factors can wear away at the integrity of your smile. This includes genetics, dieting, and other habits. Sometimes the damage becomes so severe that one or more teeth need to be completely removed, replaced, or repaired.

Reconstructive dentistry is an umbrella term used to refer to any number of procedures. Together, they are intended to replace teeth, repair teeth, or are targeted at damage to the jaw or gum. These procedures are often accompanied by cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry may even be considered reconstructive dentistry depending on the specifics of the treatment.

Teeth That Are Broken.

One of the most common causes for reconstructive dentistry is broken teeth. Teeth can be broken due to an unfortunate accident, a long time neglect of oral care, tooth decay or gum disease. Ignoring broken teeth for too long is never a good idea. It’s always uncomfortable and is usually very painful. It becomes more difficult to eat and the teeth become more sensitive to hot or cold foods.

The specifics of the treatment required to repair the tooth/teeth will depend entirely on the extent of the damage. A tooth that is only slightly chipped will obviously be easier to fix than a tooth that has been broken near the root. A chipped tooth can often be repaired with a short appointment for reconstructive bonding. A more severely broken tooth will require a longer procedure.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction.

Full-mouth procedures are often required when there are multiple broken, damaged and/or diseased teeth or multiple oral problems in general damaging the mouth. When multiple teeth in the mouth are subject to chronic pain or are severely damaged, then the recommended option is usually full-mouth reconstruction. These can be debilitating problems that even prevent patients from eating and drinking how they choose. Some of the problems that require reconstructive dentistry can even lead to increased health risks in other parts of the body. That is why it is so important to address these issues as soon as possible.