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North Kansas City Dental Sedation Dentistry Zen Garden 4Here are some of the most prevalent dental fears which Dr. Busch and Dr. VanYperen works with on a daily basis:

• Being ashamed in regards to one’s unacceptable current condition of oral health
• Concerns about the likelihood of a nauseating reaction
• Concerns about shots
• Concerns about giving up control
• Concerns about anesthetic not working as as it is intended to
• Concerns about pain
• Concerns about the hand piece
• Concerns about any unexplored dental technology
• Concerns about dental noises and smells

Dental Sedation Treatment Answers
Dr. Busch and Dr. VanYperen has multiple dental sedation solutions. Dr. Busch and Dr. VanYperen’s continuing education, training and experience allow them to confidently care for the most anxiety-stricken patients. In fact, we are able to offer to you the following grades of relaxation.

• Level One: Calming Medications
The most typically recommended drugs used to fight fearfullness fall under the “benzodiazepine” family: Halcion, Valium, Ativan, or Xanax. These calming medications fight against fear by forming bonds with the brain’s receptors which lessen activity in the fear centers of the brain.

• Level Two: Nitrous Gas Therapy
Our own patients tell us that nitrous oxide gas (laughing gas) is the most effective option for scared patients. Its calming effects are frequently surprising. Commonly, a patient who was scared walking into dental treatment has become relaxed and calm after just a couple of inhalations of Nitrous gas.

• Level Three: Conscious Relaxation Dentistry
Oral conscious sedation dentistry (the “nap-through-your-dental-appointment” pill) addresses the negative feelings that keep people from going to the dentist regularly. As a result, fearful patients who opt for oral conscious sedation are more likely to receive recommended routine care. When they do, they do not neglect their oral health or allow oral health problems to accumulate to a point when large-scale dental procedures become needed. Also, if you are unwilling to improve the look of your smile just because you are anxious or afraid about having to endure long or complicated dental work, oral conscious sedation dentistry can make you feel comfortable during the treatment process and help you to have a smile which you can be happy with.

North Kansas City Dental Sedation Dentistry Zen Stones 5

Below are great tips to help reduce dental fear and anxiety:
Speak with Dr. Busch and Dr. VanYperen – Though it can be hard to speak about illogical fears with a complete stranger, Dr. Busch and Dr. VanYperen can take additional steps during appointments if worries and anxiety are communicated.
Bring a portable music player – Music acts as a relaxant and also drowns out any fear-producing noises. Enjoying your favorite comforting music throughout this visit will lower anxiousness.
Decide on a sign – A lot of individuals are frightened that Dr. Busch and Dr. VanYperen will not know they may be in substantial discomfort while in the appointment, but will carry on the procedure regardless. The simplest way to fix this problem is to agree on a “pause please” hand signal with Dr. Busch and Dr. VanYperen.
Use a sore throat spray – Throat sprays (for example, Vicks® Chloraseptic® Throat Spray) may actually control the gag response. A couple of sprays will often keep the reflex within check for about an hour.
Take a mirror – Not having the ability to see what is going on can increase stress and anxiety and make the imagination run wild. Looking at the process can help keep reality at the forefront of the mind.
Talk to us about the available strengths of sedation dentistry – Choosing a comfortable level of sedation offers needed control for many people.
Talk to us about the treatment – Please let us know the depth and extent of treatment plan explanations you would like. We request that you ask as many questions as you would like. Then, if needed, ask them once more until you’re completely comfortable.
Discuss all the options with Dr. Busch and Dr. VanYperen and choose the one that works well and best alleviates your phobias.

Conquering Fear
We will have moments where merely going through the entrance for an appointment will be a key success for a few of our patients. We know the importance of that first step and we are devoted to offering compassion and starting a relationship created on trustworthiness. In case you have any concerns or questions about precisely how North Kansas City Dental can help you overcome anxiety and fear, please contact our office.

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