Self-Conscious About Missing Teeth? Try Implants

If you lost a tooth in an accident or couldn’t overcome a severe dental infection, you can improve your oral function and smile aesthetics with a dental implant. Placed by Dr. Bill Busch, Dr. Caitlyn Hall, and Dr. Tucker Vanyperen, these amazing artificial teeth will give you the self-confidence you deserve. Learn more about dental implants from NKC Dental in Kansas City, MO.

Dental implants are complete teeth

From root to crown, a dental implant totally replaces a missing tooth. Made of a natural, biocompatible metal called titanium, this device is shaped like a screw and bonds firmly to the jaw bone once inserted and fully healed. Then, your dentist at NKC Dental in North Kansas City can restore the dental implant with a metal post and crown.

From initial evaluation (to determine oral health and bone density) to implant surgery to osseointegration (healing), your implant treatment takes several weeks to months. Once complete, however, the implant looks and functions just like a natural tooth. It actually improves the density and strength of the supporting bone. No other tooth replacement can make that claim.

Multiple smile gaps

While losing a single tooth poses some self-image and oral function problems, more extensive tooth loss worsens your situation even more. Extensive bone loss ages your face and even degrades the digestive process, explains Total Health Magazine. Speech slurs sound by sound. Even your remaining teeth are affected as they lose support and drift into nearby smile gaps.

To counter these problems, NKC Dental offers implant-retained bridges and dentures. These fixed prosthetics deliver all the benefits of single-tooth dental implants, making them wonderful options for partially or fully edentulous patients.

Living with dental implants

You’ll feel as though your natural teeth have returned. You’ll brush and floss as usual, and see your dentist twice a year for a check-up and cleaning. Be careful what you eat, avoiding very hard or sticky foods, and if you grind your teeth, ask Dr. Busch, Dr. Hall, or Dr. Vanyperen about an acrylic bite guard to protect your smile.

It’s back!

Feel as confident as you used to when you smile with your new dental implants. Phone NKC Dental in Kansas City, MO, for an implant consultation with Dr. Bill Bush, Dr. Caitlyn Hall, or Dr. Tucker Vanyperen. Reach us at (816) 471-2911.

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