BPA-Free Dentistry

At NKC Dental we take your health very seriously. That is why we were compelled to tell you about the health concerns regarding some composite filling material used in the Dental Industry. Many people prefer the aesthetic look of metal free fillings. They feel composite fillings are more attractive, and for health reasons, shy away from Metal and BPA type fillings and Bondings.

BPA or Bishphenol A is a somewhat controversial chemical found in plastics, which has been linked to certain illnesses. BPA is found in some dental resin materials and there is growing scientific evidence that has linked the chemical to various heath problems including heart disease. Additional evidence is compiling the effects of BPA on unborn fetuses, infants and young children.

The team at NKC Dental is committed to finding the healthiest metal & plastic alternatives on the market to make your experience and your life more rewarding and healthy.