Lumineers are Designed to Give You an Attractive Result with an Easy, and Painless Procedure.

After years of work and a new technology, Dr. Busch and Dr. VanYperen can help you get the smile you’ve always desired in a short amount of time and with far less discomfort than you ever thought possible. Lumineers are electronically designed to be ultra-thin (about the thickness of a sheet of paper), so they can be applied seamlessly over your existing teeth to complete a gorgeous smile. And, that explains why Lumineers is the #1 patient-requested veneer system in the world.

Not All Veneers Are Made the Same. You Deserve the Best, So Accept No Imitations.

Regular porcelain veneers end up being thicker, and therefore, they call for more aggressive and irreversible removal of healthy tooth structure. The needed preparation often requires shots and anesthesia. The procedure also usually involves living with fake, acrylic temporaries for fourteen days to cover your prepped teeth while you wait for the dental laboratory to fashion your veneers. Amazingly, the Lumineers method almost always doesn’t need shots or temporaries. So, while you wait for your custom-made Lumineers, your smile is going to look normal. Looking around North Kansas City, you’ll find many dentists offering porcelain veneers, but, not many dentists have been trained to deliver the signature benefits of Lumineers.

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