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Straightening all of your teeth improves the look of your current smile, plus it improves the funtional performance of your smile.

Advances in orthodontics over the past several years are providing people experiencing TMJ and/or malocclusion new pathways to attain a functionally healthy and beautiful smile. Orthodontists, well-known for aligning crooked teeth through the use of braces, retainers and, lately, Invisalign, are now treating malocclusion and TMJ by adapting traditional orthodontic tools for the job.

Misaligned teeth can affect your personal ability to bite and chew food, and speak correctly. Also, it is hard to clean misaligned teeth properly, which may bring on tooth decay and periodontal disease. Misaligned teeth could also influence your occlusion (the manner in which teeth align) and that may end in jaw joint problems, severe headaches, jaw pain and/or breaking, cracking or chipping of your teeth or costly restorations.

Choices Offered by Orthodontists

Treatment will depend on noted factors such as the patient’s overall health, medical history, medications and appliances the patient can tolerate, and the extent of the disorder. Orthodontic treatments develop function and long-term stability. Most Orthodontists count on splint therapy as the preferred method of conservative treatment.