One-Appointment Crowns

Time is extremely valuable to you, and that’s why we have made the investment in CEREC digital dentistry. CEREC is an innovative, state-of-the-art method that allows us to create and insert a natural-looking crown that will fit your teeth perfectly. And, to complete the whole process in a single appointment. It normally takes approximately one hour for the crown to be created and cemented in place. This procedure used to take a week to ten days.

You will find only a handful of dental locations which feature this patient-convenient, advanced technology at their dental practice.


What is involved?

If you require a crown or an inlay, we will model the new restoration by using a specialized computer, and create the crown right here within our private lab.

Since everything is digital, we are able to acquire digital impressions of your teeth. It means there is no more gagging on dental goop. The actual digital “impression” that is taken, utilizing a state-of-the-art three-dimensional scanning system, is significantly more precise than conventional silicone molds and creates a crown with a far superior fit.

The actual crown is crafted out of a high-strength ceramic block by using a three-dimensional milling machine. The ceramic we use creates a much more resilient and longer-lasting crown in about an hour. That means you do not have to drive to see us for a second time, sit in the chair yet again for an hour, and then drive home again. You can save time, avoid headaches and spend less on gas!

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