VIP Amenities

We want our patients to be relaxed and comfortable while visiting our office. We strive to provide an atmosphere that is calm and relaxing for even the most fearful patient.

Beverage Station

We offer a complimentary beverage station for our patients to enjoy before or after their appointments. Come a little early for your appointment or stay for a few minutes after to relax while you enjoy a warm cup of coffee or some refreshing cold bottled water or juice.

Warm Cloth

After your appointment refresh yourself with a warm cloth.

Free Wi-Fi

We are happy to offer free Wi-Fi for all patients, so you can either catch up on emails or surf the net at your leisure anytime you’re in our office.

TV in Every Room

TV’s can be used for pleasure, watching an informational video on a dental procedure or viewing a patient’s x-rays, photos or information.


Step One: You will be asked to take a dietary supplement that contains all natural ingredients that are known to interrupt stress. The supplement is safe and will not interfere with any of your current medications or any dietary restrictions you may have.

The steps used to achieve Deep Relaxation with NuCalm

With NuCalm deep relaxation is naturally and safely achieved through four simple steps carried out by the staff. Within three to five minutes of beginning you will begin to experience deep relaxation without the use of drugs. Once your visit is over you will be able to leave our office on your own, no ill effects and no driver needed!

NuCalm is a revolutionary all-natural technology that assists patients in achieving deep relaxation in the dental chair.

Because we want our patients to experience greater comfort and quicker dental appointments we are excited to now be offering NuCalm at NKC Dental.

Step Two: For the second step patches are placed behind each ear for microcurrent stimulation. The research done by NuCalm shows that this helps to expedite deep relaxation.

Step Three: During your treatment you will listen to soothing music through headphones. The music you will be listening to is infused with proprietary neuroacoustic software that is created to facilitate deep relaxation.

Step Four: You will be asked to wear NuCalm’s light blocking eye mask that is designed to remove visual stimuli allowing you to maintain deep relaxation.

Call NKC Dental today to find out more about NuCalm and how it can help you have a better dental experience.

Nitrous Oxide

Our office offers Nitrous Oxide Gas that will relax you and calm your nerves. It is GREAT for children. The experience is soothing…calming…and sedating. This will prevent you from dealing with the apprehension and stress of the dental procedure.

While you are relaxed and comfortable, we will take care of all of your dental needs. In fact, we can perform years of dentistry in just one or two appointments. When the treatment is over you will leave the office with a healthy, beautiful smile.

Don’t put off your dentistry because of your fears. We can help you cope with them so you can get back to your life with a healthy smile.

What is Nitrous Oxide Gas?

Nitrous oxide gas is a sweet smelling, colorless, non-irritating gas which you can breathe in. It is mixed with Oxygen. It is sometimes called “laughing gas” or “happy gas.” After breathing it in for 2-3 minutes you should feel a pleasurable feeling through out your body. We have found that several characteristics apply to patients who benefit from Nitrous Oxide Gas.

It is for people who have….

  • High anxiety about dentistry
  • Negative past dental experiences
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • A strong gag reflex
  • Complex dental problems
  • Very sensitive teeth
  • Anxiety over needles, noises, or smells in dental office

Advantages of Nitrous Oxide Gas

  • Nitrous works rapidly
  • The depth of sedation can be altered from moment to moment
  • The nitrous is flushed out of the body using only oxygen-you can drive home safely and do not need an escort.
  • There are no needles, tubes or IVs, you breathe it in through your nose.

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