Bone Grafts/Sinus Lifts

Dr. William Busch


Bone Grafts/Sinus Lifts

To recreate bone in areas of the mouth where it has been lost
Bone grafting might sound intimidating, but it is a minor surgical procedure that has evolved to become very simple with improved technology and techniques. A sinus lift is a type of bone graft procedure.

What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting is also known as regenerative surgery. It is a minor surgical procedure that is used to recreate bone in areas of the mouth where it has been lost. In many cases bone loss occurs due to the loss of a tooth.

When is a bone graft suggested?

Invisalign treats a wide variety of dental problems but generally can’t fix large overbites and extensive jaw damage. Instead, Invisalign treats mild dental issues, including the following:

To save existing teeth. Bone grafting adds support to teeth that have lost their alveolar bone due to severe periodontal disease.

Extraction. Extraction causes bone loss, so bone grafting can be done to maintain bone and gum height. This is especially important when utilizing an implant or other prosthesis.

Aesthetic/cosmetic procedures. Bone grafting can be utilized to improve harmony between gum tissue and teeth. This procedure can create a beautiful smile or enhance an existing one.

We recommend Invisalign for anyone over the age of 15. Many teenagers worry about wearing braces, but Invisalign offers a great alternative fix. Since Invisalign requires constant wear 24 hours a day, children shouldn’t use Invisalign until they are old enough to understand the process and keep the aligners in for long periods of time.

Remember, Invisalign only works if you wear the aligners every single day and night.

Common sources for bone grafting are:

Bone from another site on the same patient

Bone from an animal

Bone from a cadaver

Synthetic bone

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