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Substituting the natural presentation and utility of a missing tooth.
Substituting the natural presentation and utility of a missing tooth (or teeth) is a tough job and, while there isn’t anything that can actually substitute for your real tooth, an implant is the most similar man-made answer from today’s dentistry. Dental implants are an important and flexible part of today’s dental treatment plans. Dental implants can be used to take the place of one tooth, multiple teeth or all of your teeth. They can be used to anchor porcelain crowns, porcelain bridges or non-slip dentures.

Who Might Need Dental Implants?


Teens (And Sometimes Young Adults) Who Are Missing Their Eye Teeth (Canines)

Every now and then, we see a pre-teen who has wide gaps on each side of their smile where their eye teeth are supposed to be. To Dr. Busch and Dr. VanYperen, it’s a dental situation, but to that kid who is about to be moving into high school or maybe leaving for college, it’s more importantly a social problem.

Just twenty years ago, many doctors ignored the situation which not only caused the teen untold social embarrassment but also left them with a mismatched bite and the potential for a life of headaches and nighttime bruxism (grinding of their teeth). At North Kansas City Dental, we can open up the spaces even further and then place dental implants so the smile is not only beautiful, the function of the teeth works perfectly.

It should be noted, as a policy, North Kansas City Dental will not place implants into a young adult’s mouth until they reach the age of 17 – 18 years old.

Athletes Both Young And Old

Often, a student falls victim to an accident or injury while playing a sport and are suddenly without one or more of their teeth. Of course, the wise move to make when that occurs is to find the tooth, put the tooth under the athlete’s tongue if it’s been cracked off, and find the nearest on-call emergency dentist. Because the game may seem more important, the dentist often isn’t consulted until the next day.

With modern dentistry, instead of putting in a bridge that may need to be replaced in a few years, we can place a dental implant that could last from twenty years to as long as their entire lifetime.

People With Loose Dentures Or Partials

Patients who are edentulous (all of their teeth are missing) and who have dentures and are unable to chew, turn to North Kansas City Dental for answers. These patients are unable to enjoy the foods that they used to like.

But then, by using two or three implants in the jaw bone that anchor their dentures in place, they feel like they have all their natural teeth once more. Implants are solid, natural looking and are very strong. Patients who get dental implants can smile, laugh and eat and have no anxiety that their denture may move around or make noticeable noises or that their bridge will trap food.

Am I A Candidate For Implantation Dentistry?

If you are in good health, both in your mouth and in your body, you are probably a good candidate. You cannot have gum disease or any other compromising infection or condition in your mouth. Your jawbone, whether upper or lower, needs to have enough density and volume to securely hold the dental implant. To determine this, Dr. Busch and Dr. VanYperen will gauge your bone density and quantity. Don’t forget that, in some patients where bone has diminished because of gum disease, dental implants might not be appropriate immediately. If you are lacking in bone quantity, in your jaw, this can often be corrected with a bone graft or use of artificial bone to bring bone levels up to standard.

  • Diabetes that is not stabilized
  • Currently receiving chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • A disorder of the parathyroid
  • Disorders of the blood
  • Rare bone disorders
  • Cancer of the bone marrow
  • Sinus cavities that descend into the upper jaw
  • Uncontrolled osteoporosis

If you have decided that dental implants might be a solution to your problem, get the expert advice of Dr. Busch and Dr. VanYperen to determine if you are a candidate for a tooth implant. You should definitely ask about Dr. Busch and Dr. VanYperen’s thorough training and experience when it comes to tooth implants. Like other types of oral surgery, putting in dental implants requires a certain degree of experience and training that a lot of dental practitioners simply do not have. Dr. Busch and Dr. VanYperen have been placing dental implants in North Kansas City for many years.

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