Check-up & Cleaning

Dr. William Busch


Check-up & Cleaning

To detect oral health issues early
On top of brushing and flossing regularly, seeing your dentist every six months for an oral exam and professional teeth cleaning is essential for your oral health. Six-month oral exams ensure that your dentist spots any problems early in their development. Dental cleanings get hard to reach areas to prevent tooth decay and disease.

The Cleaning

When you first arrive for the appointment you will be greeted by a receptionist. You will then be led to the exam room. Here a hygienist will conduct your cleaning. Cleanings involve three simple steps:

  • scaling
  • polishing
  • fluoride treatment

X-rays may also be taken if recommended by the dentist.

After the cleaning, a dentist will:

  • do a quick teeth check-up
  • discuss your overall oral health and habits
  • recommend and review x-rays
  • recommend any additional dental treatment as needed

How often should I go to the dentist?

It is important to visit the dentist twice a year so your dentist can find problems you can’t detect, such as early signs of decay. Generally, the earlier a problem is found, the more manageable it is. In some situations it may be recommended to visit for more regular cleanings.

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