Root Canal Re-treatment

Dr. William Busch


Root Canal Re-treatment

To repair root canal
On rare occasions, a root canal will not heal correctly the first time which will lead to pain, discomfort and disease. There are several reasons this will happen, but it will require a re-treatment.

Reasons for a Re-treatment

A root canal should last a lifetime if it is correctly cared for. However, there are several reasons a tooth that was treated by a root canal is hurting you months or years later. Reasons include:

  • Extra, oddly shaped, or restricted canals in the root of the tooth were not detected initially and treated
  • Delay in placement of the protective crown
  • Tooth restoration did not prevent contamination from saliva
  • A crack or fracture in the tooth
  • A new infection from new decay

The Procedure

During the re-treatment procedure, the filling material that was originally placed will be removed. This gives the endodontist access to clean all of the canals. After removing any infection, reshaping and cleaning the canals, the endodontist will refill and restore them. The last step in the process involves placing a temporary filling in your tooth.

If the canals are unusually narrow or impassable, your endodontist may recommend endodontic surgery. The surgery involves making an incision to access and seal a portion of the root tip.

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