Dental Services

North Kansas City Dental offers a wide range of dental service that assist patient’s of all ages in achieving optimal oral heath and a smile that is as strong as it is beautiful.


Snap-On Smile

To affordably transform your smile


To temporarily replace missing tooth


Straightening your teeth not only improves the look of your smile, it also improves the function of your smile.


To add extra sparkle to a smile

3D Cosmetic Imaging / Simulation

To create 3D imaging of your mouth

Enamel Contouring / Teeth Shaping

To remove minor amounts of enamel in order shape teeth

Enamel Bonding

To fill in gaps or change the color of your teeth

Enamel Abrasion

To restore enamel

Gum Lift and Contouring

To even your gum line


Root End Surgery / Apicoectomy

To remove the tip of a tooth root

Endodontic Surgery

To locate small fractures or hidden canals

Root Canal Re-treatment

To repair root canal

Root Canal Treatment

Endodontics deals with diseases of the tissues, nerves, and blood vessels in the tooth


Gum Pigment Removal

To alter gum pigmentation

Laser Snoring Treatment

To reduce/eliminate snoring

No-anestesia Dentistry

To avoid numbing process

Laser Gum Surgery

To combat periodontitis

No-shot Fillings

To eliminate the use of shots and drills


All-on-Four Fixed Treatment

To replace missing teeth

Maxillofacial Surgery

To improve jaw function and relieve pain

Bone Grafts/Sinus Lifts

To recreate bone in areas of the mouth where it has been lost

Dental Implants

To replace a tooth that is damaged or decayed

Wisdom Teeth Removal

To remove one or more wisdom teeth that do not grow in properly


To remove a damaged or decayed tooth


Healthy StartTM Orthodontics

To create a beautifully straight smile for your child


To prevent loss of primary teeth


To repair and restore primary teeth


To prevent further decay


To maintain your child’s dental health

Frenectomy / Tongue Tie Relieve

To correct a tongue tie and allow the tongue to move freely

Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children

Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children



Substituting the natural presentation and utility of a missing tooth.

Periodontal Maintenance and Therapy

Gum Disease: More Yucky Than You Realize

Periodontal Surgery

To improve the aesthetics and function of a smile damaged by gum disease

Scaling and Root Planing

To treat gum disease

Bad Breath / Halitosis Therapy

Halitosis? Just A Fancy Name For Bad Breath


New Patient Dental Physical

Your Comprehensive Exam

Oral Exam

To collect information regarding your oral health

Check-up & Cleaning

To detect oral health issues early

Oral Cancer Screening

To ensure best treatment outcome and a positive prognosis

Fluoride Treatment

To strengthen enamel


To prevents cavities

Digital X-rays

To create instant digital imaging of your mouth and jaw

Night Guards / Anti-Bruxing

Night Splints Prevent Tooth Breakage


Dentures and Partials

Any person with regular dentures recognizes that consuming a steak or biting into an apple is always risky due to the fact your dentures might slip and slide as they lose their bond to the gums.

Dental Bonding

To fix small imperfections

Inlay & Onlay Restorations

To fix decay damage

One Visit Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are a suitable restoration to apply to a tooth where a sizable filling wears out, when a tooth is fractured, or to enhance the tooth’s overall appearance.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are slim, porcelain covers which are installed over the front area of the teeth by Dr. Busch and Dr. VanYperen. Veneers cost between $700 (w/insurance) -$1997 (wout/insurance) per tooth.

Porcelain Bridges

All-Porcelain bridges are constructed from solid, long-lasting porcelain material and appear similar to your original teeth

White, Ceramic, and Gold Fillings

To repair and restore teeth that are damaged or decayed


Nitrous Sedation (AKA Laughing Gas)

To help you feel calm and comfortable


Because we want our patients to experience greater comfort and quicker dental appointments we are excited to now be offering NuCalm at NKC Dental.

Oral Sedation

To calm dental anxiety


Snoring Appliances

To treat snoring and improve your overall health

TMJ Treatment

Our team will provide comprehensive examination and intervention for TMJ with a focus on a conservative, reversible approach including physical therapy.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

To maintain healthy breathing and sleeping rhythm

New Patients Are Welcome!

At NKC Dental we offer a range of cutting edge treatments and services designed to bring out the very best in your smile.
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North Kansas City Dental wants our patients to be relaxed and comfortable while visiting our office. We strive to provide an atmosphere that is calm and relaxing for even the most fearful patient.

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