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To prevent loss of primary teeth
The main goal of most pediatric dentistry is to restore primary teeth until they naturally fall out. If your child has been complaining about a sore or painful tooth, a pulpotomy may be needed to relieve the pain, and keep the tooth healthy until it naturally falls out.

Why does my child need a pulpotomy?

A pulpotomy is a procedure used to restore infected baby teeth in children. Most commonly the infection is caused by an untreated cavity. The cavity destroys the outer layer of the tooth and attacks the soft pulp in the middle of the tooth. Since the pulp is made up of nerves, this can cause pain and discomfort. A pulpotomy will prevent tooth loss due to tooth infection.

The Procedure

During the procedure the dentist will open the tooth to remove any infected or damaged pulp from the upper part of the tooth. The remaining pulp will be treated with medication to prevent it from also getting infected. Finally, your child's tooth will be protected with a filling or a crown.

Your child’s mouth will be numbed before the procedure so they will be comfortable and relaxed. The pulpotomy procedure will relieve the pain your child was feeling before the procedure.

If your child has been complaining about a painful tooth, it’s best to have it checked out right away. The sooner your child can get a pulpotomy, the less likely they will lose the tooth.

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